SYNERGY to actively participate and contribute in the Business Models Parallel Session of the BRIDGE General Assembly

On March 3, SYNERGY will present the preliminary results of the business modelling activities of the project in the Parallel Session focusing on Business Models, organized in the frame of the BRIDGE General Assembly.

The business models session will offer the opportunity to the new projects joining BRIDGE to learn more about what are the actions that the ongoing projects are taking in these terms. This exchange of best practice will allow the new initiatives to optimise their use of resources and leverage on previous results.

Tasos Tsitsanis from the SYNERGY Technical Coordinator, Suite5, will highlight the importance of the SYNERGY business models and business model innovations towards facilitating the advancement of business operations of the electricity data value chain stakeholders and the transformation of their current business practices within a data-driven, data-intelligence oriented and data (intelligence) sharing-enabled framework, that will ensure increased operational efficiency along with the creation of new economic opportunities for data and intelligence producers. 

Moreover, valuable insights will be provided on the methodology followed for defining the preliminary collaborative Business Models of the project, the hybrid approach for analyzing them in detail and the instruments for assessing their viability and attractiveness (in economic terms) for the variety of the electricity data value chain stakeholders.

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SYNERGY well positioned at BRIDGE Horizon 2020

Thomas N. Mikkel from GECO Global pitching Synergy Horizon 2020 at @BRIDGE_H2020. The SYNERGY project aims to introduce a novel reference to big data architecture and platform that leverages data, related to the electricity domain, coming from diverse sources.

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@SynergyH2020 being presented at @BRIDGE_H2020 . We will introduce a highly effective, innovative and scalable reference architecture and implementation for a Big Energy Data Platform and Analytics Marketplace. Manuel Serrano pitcing SYNERGY.#BigData #EUGreenDeal #flexibility #h2020