Asset Management Tool Suite: Advanced Performance Monitoring/Forecasting and Predictive Maintenance and Asset Management Optimization for Power Grids Applications

WP5 of SYNERGY project aims to develop Advanced Grid-level Analytics for Optimized Network and Asset Management Services and Applications, targeting network operators as well as DER aggregators and RES operators. The Asset Management Tool Suite is eventually delivered, which comprises four applications two of which will be explained in this article.

Advanced Performance Monitoring/Forecasting and Predictive Maintenance Application

The main aim of this innovative tool for the management of RES plants is ensuring their optimal operation, predictive maintenance and proactive avoidance of equipment faults. The tool steps on the forecasting and predictive analytics baseline algorithms and appropriate machine learning techniques towards identifying in real-time predictive maintenance needs, increasing PV technology reliability and efficiency and improving power trading functions on the plant operator side.

The app presents three main functionalities: 

  • The Enhanced Performance Monitor (EPM) module is similar of a control centre of the performance of a PV plant. 
  • The Fault Occurrence Inspector and Maintenance Optimizer (FOIMO) module aims to introduce new approaches for fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance of PV plants.
  • The Operational Scheduling Optimizer (OSO) is responsible for forecasting the energy production for different time horizons.

The application consists of two components:

The Network Performance Assessment Engine (NPAE) is responsible for the simulation of the operation of the network and assesses the state of the network in terms of performance, and power quality metrics. The assessment involves the evaluation of the electricity network steady state aspects using power flow calculations. Congestion issues and operational constraints, such as voltage violations, line/transformer over-loadings are considered in the assessment. The component involves the assessment of various operating conditions, incorporating the analysis of stochastic demand and generation profiles.


The app provides an efficient and centralized tool for monitoring, optimizing, and maintaining the performance of a PV plant. With the EPM module, operators can easily track and visualize the key production parameters and KPIs, which can help them quickly identify any issues or areas for improvement. The FOIMO module can help reduce downtime and maintenance costs by predicting and diagnosing faults before they occur. The OSO can help optimize energy production and scheduling, which can increase revenue and reduce operational costs. 

The app offers features such as centralized monitoring and visualization of key performance parameters, predictive maintenance capabilities, and energy production forecasting. By using the app, operators can quickly identify and correct issues, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, optimize energy production and scheduling, increase revenue, and support sustainability goals.

Next steps

The next steps for the app would be to collect and analyze new data to train and refine predictive models and seek feedback from stakeholders to identify additional KPIs. The emphasis should be on ongoing improvement and innovation, with a focus on providing a more accurate and useful tool for monitoring, optimizing, and maintaining the performance of PV plants.

One can access the app through the following link

Asset Management Optimization for Power Grids Application

The Asset Management Optimization for Power Grids Application implements different components that target the maintenance responsible operators of DSOs and TSOs, with the objective of providing different models that optimize the maintenance management by enriching the available data with the results of a number of analytics and forecasts.

Asset Management Optimization for Power Grids Application

The application consists of two components:

The Network Asset Health Estimator component will, based on the different measurements available for a given asset type, model the overall health score of each asset instance under maintenance, providing automated assistance in the evaluation of asset status by maintenance staff, and an additional indicator to properly prioritize the scheduled maintenance operations.

The Network Predictive Maintenance Manager component will provide models to forecast failures of assets, based on the flows of data monitored from those assets and by considering also the effect of cascading effects (i.e. how an asset can be indirectly affected by failures detected on other assets of the grid)

Asset Management Optimization for Power Grids Application

Next Steps

In order to be able to use the application, following configuration steps need to be taken for every new DSO/TSO that wishes to integrate with the application:

  • DSO and TSO are required to be registered as users of the SYNERGY Platform
  • DSO and TSO are required to configure the necessary data check-in jobs, so required datasets get accessible through the platform

A version of the application is accessible at

Four energy applications consisting the Asset Management tool suite have been presented (Check the article on Infrastructure Sizing and Grid Planning and Flexibility based Network Management and DSO-TSO Common Operational Scheduling Applications below).  The applications process grid data and measurements in order to perform critical power system functionalities, like optimal network planning, DSO/TSO coordination, performance monitoring and asset management optimization. The applications are provided as services to the different network operators and are available in a web-based form.

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