Synergy Timeline

The beginning of the project and the first milestone. SYNERGY launched on the 8th of January 2020, in Valencia, Spain, with 24 partners from the European energy sector that will work together to maximize the use of digitalization at the electricity marketplace in Europe.

The SYNERGY concept is screened based on the actual needs of end-users along with the requirements imposed by the SYNERGY new business models.

Integrate legacy systems and solutions provided by the technology partners into the SYNERGY Big Data-Driven EaaS framework, to enable the delivery of a fully-fledged, functional, integrated prototype which will be demonstrated to elicit user feedback and realize significant impact achievements.

Unsupervised beta tests in premises resembling the target segment to obtain unbiased feedback regarding operation of the SYNERGY Framework.

A business innovation plan will be developed to facilitate and prepare for the commercialization phase following the project end.

The project was a success.