End-to-end optimization of power grids across the whole value chain relies on a deep and comprehensive understanding of real-life complexities imposed during actual operation and the smooth end-to-end interoperable communication and data sharing between all actors and sub-systems involved.

Both these parameters span four interrelated areas:

  • Physical systems (energy systems, energy equipment, and energy networks)
  • Human systems (communities, building occupants and their behaviours)
  • Energy markets (transaction requirements, flexibility boundaries and access of small prosumers)
  • General surrounding environment (weather fluctuations and impact on the other systems).

In this context, SYNERGY will establish a highly effective, innovative, and scalable reference architecture and implementation for a Big Energy Data Platform and AI Analytics Marketplace. It will be accompanied by big data-enabled domain-specific applications for the totality of electricity value chain stakeholders. The stakeholders comprise the SYNERGY Big Data-driven Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) Framework.