The Finnish Demo Site

Forum Virium Helsinki (FVH) pilot sites are located in the city of Helsinki. There are two main pilot buildings, which are both public buildings: Urban Environment House, and a vocational school, Stadia. There are over 16 000 data points in the pilot buildings for the needs of SYNERGY. In addition, data from more than 20 residential buildings in the Kalasatama region are used to set a sound basis for a district/urban level building management framework.Urban planning and policy-making activities to be implemented will be further supported with a wealth of data coming from a 3D City Model based on CityGML and VirtualCitySystems visualisation tool, containing simulated building energy and renovation data on the city level (referring to hundreds of buildings).FVH pilots provide a wealth of data for the use of urban planners to perform more accurate analysis and dynamic simulations related to the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan of the city of Helsinki.

The pilot sites of Caverion have varying geographical locations in Southern Finland. Multiple pilot sites can be found in the city of Helsinki, including surrounding areas. The city of Helsinki is part of the province of Uusimaa. There are also some pilot locations in varying rural areas of Southern Finland.

The pilot sites include a variety of commercial and public buildings. Most of the buildings function as office buildings for a multitude of sub-letters. The buildings range from small office buildings to large complexes including multiple houses.

The pilot site buildings are owned by several different entities. All buildings are managed or have building technology that has been installed by Caverion, as well as have building owners that are interested in developing facility management techniques related to building technical system energy usage and energy efficiency management in accordance with sustainability goals defined by both the companies as well as by the European Union.    

The Spanish Demo Site

The Spanish Pilot from Cuerva is located in the South of Spain, in the province of Granada.

A portion of the distribution network operated by Grupo CUERVA in the region of Granada will be used as the main electricity infrastructure to set the Spanish demo site.

La Calahhora

This area for the pilot will be the “La Calahorra” community, a small village located near Granada (Spain) this area counts with 650 supply points and a peak demand of 350 kW.

Also, some other types of services can be tested in the La Calahorra pilot, enabling also grid-scale control through storage technology and massive consumer’s participation or the provision of bottom-up energy services, i.e. from the distribution to the transmission system.

Considering the type of applications to be delivered in the SYNERGY project, the La Calahorra area is ideal for exploring microgrid related use cases or testing different early-stage approaches for distribution grid operation since a significant impact can be achieved only with low-capacity control and storage devices as well as with participant consumers.

Bonete PV Plant (COBRA)

The Spanish pilot from COBRA is located within the province of Albacete, in Centre Spain. The PV asset is composed of a set of plants, in one of which the pilot will be carried out. Bonete IV PV plant is already operating and was designed for using monofacial si-based modules resting on single-axis trackers. The number of modules for Bonete IV raises up to 144.900, for a nominal power of 49.9 MW.

The aim of this pilot demo strives in different pillars: real photovoltaic plants with a diversity of locations, size and plant configurations offering wide potential resources of data in order to test the innovative services defined in the project, namely:

  • Developing machine learning algorithms in the photovoltaic energy sector focused on energy efficiency, enhancing assets reliability and production forecast in real-time to ensure the safe and effective operation of grids and the provision of innovative energy services (predictive maintenance tools).
  • Reducing LCoE and O&M Costs of PV technology through advanced analytics services.
  • Provision of enhanced Energy Management System’s Control Software to align the operation of the PV plants to the requirements of Smart Grids

The Spanish pilot from URBENER is comprised of business offices, medical and sports centres that are distributed across the Spanish territory.

The pilot will have a focus on:

  • Analysis of generation/demand and fine-grained forecasting services.
  • Personalisation of demand /flexibility profiles to optimize individualized purchase strategies in the energy market along with cost optimization in the retailer side.
  • Fine-grained flexibility forecasting in order to enable customers participation in explicit and implicit demand response market schemas.

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The Greek Demo Site

The Greek Pilot Area is located in the Attica Region.

The Greek Demo Site consists of 2 separate Pilot areas all situated in Attica Region, one in the Mesogeia area (North-eastern Attica) and the other in the Kifissia district in Northern Attica.

The Mesogeia Pilot area focuses on a specific Distribution network line that incorporates; A MV line (1-21), which includes 3 HV/MV Substations, 46 MV/LV Substations, 12 MV consumers and their own Substations, 4 major RES producers (PV stations) connected at LV and about 200 LV customers that have been equipped with smart meters employing PLC communications.

The Kifissia Pilot area focuses on a residential building equipped with its own PV Installation and an average energy self-consumption rate of 45%. Additionally, it is equipped with a 4.5 kWh electricity storage infrastructure, smart meters and smart plugs for the measurement and potentially control of the residence’s critical loads.

All Greek Demo Partners, HEDNO – IPTO – EPA – VERD, will coordinate and provide the necessary data in order to facilitate the successful implementation of the SYNERGY platform and its applications.

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The Croatian Demo Site

The Croatian Pilot Area is located in the north-west part of Croatia, in the region of North Kvarner, on the island of Krk.The Croatian pilot sites target self-organized local energy communities, increased self-consumption from RES (RES plants owned by Ponikve eko otok Krk d.o.o. as a data source) by exploiting flexibility from DER’s, challenge of the infrastructure that must support the tourism sector and a large number of visitors in summer and also social benefits shared to alleviate energy poverty (which is also in line with general Krk policy towards local inhabitants).

The Croatian demonstrator represents a challenging use case of the local energy community with the strategic goal of becoming a net-zero island while having to support significantly increased consumption in summer months.

KRK demo partner is acting as the ESCO/ Microgrid operator in order to provide energy services to the island which has already been named as an “eco-island” community and has a strategy of becoming a net-zero energy island in place. The selected pilot consists of Ponikve headquarters and a garbage disposal facility. These buildings are equipped with smart metering and partially equipped with building sensing /control equipment. In addition, a PV rooftop facility and EV charging station will be available at the demo site.

The following pictures show the location of the pilot areas on the island of Krk, Croatia:

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The Austrian Demo Site

Location of the two pilot areas in the grid of the DSO Energy Güssing (Click to enlarge)

The Austrian Pilot Area is located in the Southeast of Austria, in the south of the province Burgenland, in the district of Güssing. The Austrian Demo Site focuses on two Pilot areas situated in the district of Güssing and connected to the distribution grid of the local DSO Energy Güssing. The Pilot areas are considered grid areas and are located in two different parts of the grid.

One Pilot area is located in the eastern part of the grid in the municipality Strem and the other Pilot area is located in the western part of the grid in the municipality Güssing. The pilot area “Strem” is mainly composed of single-family houses and the pilot area “Güssing” is mainly composed of business customers. A high penetration of RES plants is given in both areas (biogas plants, PV-plants).

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