The Finnish Demo Site

Forum Virium Helsinki (FVH) pilot sites are located in the city of Helsinki. There are two main pilot buildings, which are both public buildings: Urban Environment House, and a vocational school, Stadia. There are over 16 000 data points in the pilot buildings for the needs of SYNERGY. In addition, data from more than 20 residential buildings in the Kalasatama region are used to set a sound basis for a district/urban level building management framework.Urban planning and policy-making activities to be implemented will be further supported with a wealth of data coming from a 3D City Model based on CityGML and VirtualCitySystems visualisation tool, containing simulated building energy and renovation data on the city level (referring to hundreds of buildings).FVH pilots provide a wealth of data for the use of urban planners to perform more accurate analysis and dynamic simulations related to the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan of the city of Helsinki.

The pilot sites of Caverion have varying geographical locations in Southern Finland. Multiple pilot sites can be found in the city of Helsinki, including surrounding areas. The city of Helsinki is part of the province of Uusimaa. There are also some pilot locations in varying rural areas of Southern Finland.

The pilot sites include a variety of commercial and public buildings. Most of the buildings function as office buildings for a multitude of sub-letters. The buildings range from small office buildings to large complexes including multiple houses.

The pilot site buildings are owned by several different entities. All buildings are managed or have building technology that has been installed by Caverion, as well as have building owners that are interested in developing facility management techniques related to building technical system energy usage and energy efficiency management in accordance with sustainability goals defined by both the companies as well as by the European Union.