The Greek Demo Site

The Greek Pilot Area is located in the Attica Region.

The Greek Demo Site consists of 2 separate Pilot areas all situated in Attica Region, one in the Mesogeia area (North-eastern Attica) and the other in the Kifissia district in Northern Attica.

The Mesogeia Pilot area focuses on a specific Distribution network line that incorporates; A MV line (1-21), which includes 3 HV/MV Substations, 46 MV/LV Substations, 12 MV consumers and their own Substations, 4 major RES producers (PV stations) connected at LV and about 200 LV customers that have been equipped with smart meters employing PLC communications.

The Kifissia Pilot area focuses on a residential building equipped with its own PV Installation and an average energy self-consumption rate of 45%. Additionally, it is equipped with a 4.5 kWh electricity storage infrastructure, smart meters and smart plugs for the measurement and potentially control of the residence’s critical loads.

All Greek Demo Partners, HEDNO – IPTO – EPA – VERD, will coordinate and provide the necessary data in order to facilitate the successful implementation of the SYNERGY platform and its applications.

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