Presenting the SYNERGY demo sites

The SYNERGY project has just completed its first year with great success and solid goals for 2021 (read more here). In short, the project is trying to introduce solutions to help the electricity value chain stakeholder. The aim of the project is the novel framework and reference architecture for a Big Energy Data Platform and AI Analytics Marketplace, together with big data-enabled domain-specific applications.

Twenty-four partners in nine EU countries make up the project’s consortium. Five of them are large-scale demonstrators of the project situated in Finland, Austria, Croatia, Spain, and Greece. Their main role in the project is to facilitate replicability, scale-up, and eventual market launch. The five demo sites involve a variety of actors and data sources, heterogeneous energy systems and assets spanning heterogeneous climatic, demographic, and cultural characteristics.

SYNERGY results will be extensively validated in the five large-scale demonstrators and the cases have been carefully selected to address the emerging needs of the majority of the electricity value chain stakeholders (spanning TSOs, DSOs, Retailers, Aggregators, ESCOs, RES Operators, Facility Managers, Local Energy Communities, Construction Companies, and Prosumers). The demonstrator cases will deliver significant impact in technical, economic, environmental, and social terms and, ultimately, promote the novel business model and service innovations, based on data (intelligence) sharing/trading (properly simplifying complicated and meshed interactions between value chain actors).

Get to know each of our demo sites below: