SYNERGY for a DSO – HEDNO’s story


Big data and their exploitation in the energy sector are expected to bring a new era contributing to radical changes over Network Operation. The development of appropriate tools for the exploitation of data, collected from various sources including OT and IT systems, along with strong analytics and new algorithms, are expected to support DSO operation, bringing new capabilities and potential new business opportunities. The SYNERGY project offers an excellent environment for the development, testing, validation of innovative solutions, combining tool development and demonstration.

To achieve this goal, HEDNO as a demonstration leader supports and coordinates all project demo activities in close collaboration with all project partners. HEDNO is involved in the integration of distribution network operations and relevant IT systems in preparation for the pilot’s implementation across Greece.

In more detail, HEDNO will evaluate the provided technical solutions and will provide data and expertise for the use cases about integration and interoperability, with legacy DSO systems and data. The aim is to further examine the possible exploitation of the developed platform, under certain use cases scenarios related to DSO operation in the energy market. Especially in the Greek demo activities, HEDNO, in close cooperation with the other demo end users, IPTO, ELIN-VERD and EPA, that cover all the stakeholders in the energy value chain of the Greek energy market, examines demo cases covering all major business and operational activities such as:

  • Innovative Flexibility-based Network Management,
  • Common Operation Scheduling between TSO-DSO for advanced operation and flexibility exploitation,
  • new Asset Management and Planning approaches in order to improve network operation, Resilience and Power Quality,
  • Portfolio Analytics for energy services providers and retailers,
  • Flexibility segmentation, classification and clustering towards VPP configuration for demand response and
  • Local Flexibility Sharing for Self-Consumption Optimization at Local Community Level.

In collaboration with IPTO and ICCS, HEDNO has already contributed significantly to the development of flexibility exploitation mechanisms, introducing an operational processes map for TSO-DSO coordination. Furthermore, significant input related to end-users has been provided to the tool developers for building tools related to the realization and execution of the demo cases where HEDNO participates, and mostly related to asset management. For the latter, HEDNO has many expectations, since it will combine various data sources such as fault databases, inspection reports, active data collection sources such as thermal camera imaging and historical inspection, and maintenance records. HEDNO has already provided test data for all the above-mentioned data categories, in order to be fed in the data platform and support the development of analytics for predictive maintenance and reliability increase.  In addition, for the scope of the project demo execution, HEDNO has selected an area of interest in the Attica region, providing sample data for network topology, equipment and related assets deployed in the field. HEDNO is planning to provide additional data from its smart metering infrastructure and support the operation of all the applications.

 To summarize, the extension of the operational deployment of innovative applications that support big data exploitation within the SYNERGY project is expected to add significant value to network operations and strengthen stakeholder cooperation, resulting in increased efficiency, increased innovation, and increased excellence in the energy sector.