SYNERGY’s Asset Management Tool Suite

by Angelina Syrri [ICCS]

SYNERGY aims to deliver an Asset Management Tool Suite, consisting of four applications, which targets network and RES plant Operators. All four applications develop advanced grid-level analytics for optimized network and asset management services.

The prototype version of the applications will be released shortly and is well documented in the public deliverable D5.2 which reports all the implemented functionalities.  On that account, the Tool Suite is designed to exploit the SYNERGY Big Data Platform and AI marketplace to obtain various smart meter data, SCADA data, portfolio analytics and fault statistics.

The Asset Management Tool Suite will be progressively updated, enhanced and validated during the demonstration phase of the project, where SYNERGY collaborating network and RES operators will be providing data, network information and feedback to support the development but also gain insights from the applications.

Any DSO, TSO or RES plant Operator who is interested in using such applications in the future, would have to register as a user in the SYNERGY platform and make accessible relevant datasets.

A glimpse of the application’s capabilities is provided below:

Infrastructure Sizing and Grid Planning application implements different features that target the operation and planning responsible operators of DSOs and TSOs, with the objective of providing valuable insights in terms of capacity and sizing requirements of network assets. The application utilizes available historical data and statistics such as expected next year forecasts of peak demand/generation data to create stochastic scenarios of demand and generation and perform power flow calculations to provide suggestions for optimal sizing and planning.

Flexibility based Network Management and DSO-TSO Common Operational Scheduling application implements all necessary features to allow network operators to operate their networks and schedule the available resources including flexible demand for the intra-day and day ahead in a coordinated manner. By exploiting all available data, including the flexibility potential of aggregators’ portfolios, the application facilitates the optimal scheduling of the flexible assets by TSOs and DSOs who aim to request specific congestion management and balancing services.

Advanced Performance Monitoring/Forecasting and Predictive Maintenance application targets the management of RES plants by ensuring their optimal operation, predictive maintenance and proactive avoidance of equipment faults. The tool steps on the forecasting and predictive analytics baseline algorithms and appropriate machine learning techniques towards identifying in real-time predictive maintenance needs, increasing PV technology reliability and efficiency and improving power trading functions on the plant operator side.

Asset Management Optimization for Power Grids application implements different features that target the maintenance responsible operators of DSOs and TSOs, with the objective of providing different models that optimize the maintenance management by enriching the available data with the results of a number of analytics and forecasts.