The SYNERGY Platform: Grupo Cuerva starts uploading datasets to test and validate use cases

After 22 months since the beginning of SYNGERY’s activity, Grupo Cuerva, one of the Spanish demo-partner for the project, has started the uploading of its datasets in the SYNERGY Platform. This will be used to test and validate several Use Cases related to:

  • PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) between renewable generators and supply points.
  • Prosumer flexibility in the Low Voltage Grid, from the point of view of the aggregator and from the DSO.
  • Grid Asset Management optimisation for predictive maintenance of Grupo Cuerva’s critical assets.

To test it, a complete suite of datasets will be included in the SYNERGY Platform, and it will comprise:

  • Full LV&MV Digital Twin of the demo electric grid (La Calahorra, Granada), with the location per phase of all the supply points.
  • Electrical consumption and generation data of all the Smart meters deployed in the demo.
  • Retailer data of the supply points: tariffs, contracted power, etc.
  • High-resolution electric data of the devices located in the secondary substation: voltages, currents, active and reactive power, etc.

Thanks to the SYNERGY Platform, all the personal information regarding the supply points will be anonymised and secured and will be normalised into the Common Information Model (CIM) developed during the SYNERGY Project.

Cuerva is one of the leading business companies in the province of Granada. Its business areas comprise all electricity sector activities, namely electric power generation, distribution, and commercialization. The company also has in-depth knowledge of and wide experience in the operation and maintenance of electrical installations.

Thanks to its ongoing commitment to efficient working practices ever since it first began operating 80 years ago, the company has consolidated its position and has become one of the leading companies in the energy sector with an extremely successful reputation. 

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