SYNERGY at ENLIT Europe 2022: Insights and Outcomes.

ENLIT Europe is one of the biggest industry fairs and conferences in the area of energy in Europe that addresses every aspect of the energy agenda. In 2022, the event was held in Frankfurt, Germany, from 29 November to 1 December. The event hosted over 18,000 visitors, 700 international exhibitors, more than 250 international utilities, 14 country pavilions, and 113 countries. 55 EU-funded R&I projects took part in the event and were displayed in the EU Project Zone – a meeting place for all energy-related projects.


Ugo Stecchi of ETRA I+D, SYNERGY’s project coordinator, has provided us with overview of the ENLIT participation and the hopes for the coming year.

What was the main objective of participating in the ENLIT Conference? 

“SYNERGY Project has renewed its participation at ENLIT conference again in 2022, as one of the most important events in Europe to meet all relevant stakeholders in the energy industry and present and share the results achieved so far in the project. From our Innovation Action project perspective, through the ENLIT participation it is possible on one hand to get in touch with the industry world, discover the technology trends and the off the shelf solutions at real-life problems. On the other hand, it is always interesting to be in a common forum with more European research and innovation projects and discuss about the state of the art in power and energy systems, while sharing visions and approaches to deal with current and upcoming challenges for the energy transition.”

How was the SYNERGY project presented at the ENLIT Conference?

We have been present to ENLIT with a project booth in the European Project Zone. Apart from ETRA as Project Coordinator, the event the Technical Coordinator Suite5 and the Communication and Dissemination Leader Smart Innovation Norway were present at the event as well, contributing to engage attendees and improve the communication to other stakeholders. 

Moreover, during the first day of the conference, it was my pleasure to present the main achievements of SYNERGY project in a workshop dedicated to the digitalization of the energy sector. The EU Commission is determined to make the union ‘Fit for the Digital Age’. During this decade, the EU will strengthen its position in the digital arena and set standards. Data and Digitalization have a huge impact on the entire energy value chain, from generation to transport, distribution and consumption. Projects like SYNERGY are therefore important to contribute in this kind of discussion in order to focus on the topic and provide the community with feasible solutions for all our needs.

Finally, SYNERGY has been involved in the ENLIT podcast interview, where it was possible to introduce the novel framework platform, in response to the need for “end-to-end” coordination between the electricity stakeholders. In a nutshell, the framework references significant data architecture that leverages data, coming from diverse sources, enabling advanced analytics and services at the core of new data-driven business opportunities.

What was the outcome (s) of this event participation for the project? 

As previously explained, it was a great opportunity to get in touch with other R&I projects and EC representatives to understand the current state of the energy transition and what are answers expected to the main problems for the next years. 

The main topic at the centre of all the discussions was the data. It was undoubtedly the most recurrent object of talk and debate in a direct or indirect way and under several perspectives. Privacy, federation, sovereignty and intelligence are only the most relevant words associated to the data and they are representative of the main topics of discussion. 

As a matter of fact data-driven power system modernization is a priority this year across the energy industry. But as the shift to renewables gathers pace, it must be ensured a proper and ethic use of all data generated. Therefore, energy sector in Europe should be able to face a double challenge at the same time: increase the renewables shares to meet the climate goals, while preserving the privacy of the data owners, that means ensuring IT infrastructure is fit for this complex purpose.

Why do you think participation in the ENLIT conference was significant?

ENLIT is the kind of place to be if you are working in such areas because of the participation of all actors and stakeholders involved in the energy sector. In recent year the presence of the EC representatives with delegates from many H2020 and Horizon Europe projects has enriched the event bringing the contribution of the R&I world and the vision of the European policy the point of view. Indeed it represents one of the main event in the energy domain and, as a big-data for energy project as SYNERGY is, it is definitely worth to participate share the main outcomes and lessons learnt from our project.

Thus, the SYNERGY project’s participation at ENLIT Europe 2022 provided a valuable opportunity to engage with the energy industry and R&I community, share our project outcomes, and learn about the latest technology trends and solutions. We look forward to continuing our engagement with the energy industry and collaborating with stakeholders to advance the energy transition.

Open Call!

Open Call!

The SYNERGY project has launched its Open Call! An overall budget of €380k will be used for cascade funding across a total of 8 projects that make use of the SYNERGY Big Data Platform and Analytics Marketplace and are deployed in the SYNERGY demonstration sites, that will be selected through an Open Call.

The Open Call shall enlarge the outreach of the core big data platform and analytics offering of SYNERGY and engage relevant organizations in the development of innovative and added-value energy services that will complement those that will be offered as part of the SYNERGY implementation.

The Open Call is primarily focused on selecting new experiments and services to be tested and validated during the project under real-life conditions and with the use of real data coming from the demo partners, thus extending the scope of the project and enlarging the service portfolio that will be finally delivered by the project technology partners to the energy market actors and stakeholders.

Learn more!

SYNERGY will participate in Sustainable Places 2020

SYNERGY project will participate next October 29th in the workshop Sustainable Digital Tools for All-Energy Actors within the Sustainable Places 2020 event. Together with four other H2020 projects, we will discuss digital tools developed in order to provide ICT services and functionalities to the different actors of the energy value chain, which will make them more sustainable and efficient. The SYNERGY big data platform and the innovative tools built on top will be part of this interesting topic.

Sustainable Places showcases results coming out of the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme via the participation of cutting-edge research and innovation projects, the scope of Sustainable Places is captured directly in its name. It involves designing, building, and retrofitting the places we live and work in a more sustainable way. Thematic workshops & EU project clustering are on the scope of the relevant event that this year goes online.

Registration is open, allowing to interact with speakers & panelists:

SYNERGY Project featured in the BRIDGE Brochure

The SYNERGY project is part of the BRIDGE initiative, which aims at providing field experience, feedback, and best practice sharing from the participating projects to help them tackle the barriers to effective innovation.

The BRIDGE cooperation group involves 64 projects in the areas of Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Islands, and Digitalisation that are funded under the Horizon 2020 program (2014-2019).

The BRIDGE Brochure presents the projects participating in the BRIDGE Initiative, with a brief summary of each project, as well as the project start and end date, the budget, the website, the technologies and services deployed, the project partners’ countries, the name of the coordinating organization and of the other partners. In addition, the Brochure presents the projects in detail, in terms of scope, technical description, and expected impact.

You can find the SYNERGY project on page 152, in the BRIDGE Brochure here: BRIDGE BROCHURE